Web Query ServiceΒΆ

The Spamhaus Web Query Service (WQS) is a method of accessing Spamhaus block lists using the HTTPS protocol.

WQS is a simple API to query the Spamhaus zone files through a REST interface instead of the conventional DNS query method. This allows for a broad set of use cases to secure infrastructure and services not limited to just email. For example you could query the authentication block list AuthBL, and block all login requests to systems if the origin IP address is listed. You could also reject all incoming email from a source domain listed in the Spamhaus DBL.

There are many more use cases that can be customized based on your organizations requirements, and revised if those requirements change. The WQS REST API is open to customers subscribed to the Spamhaus Data Query Service (DQS). If you would like to register for DQS please visit the registration page here (Add the link to the registration form).

The documentation below will outline how to use the WQS API.